Extreme E extends pioneering environmental partnership with ALLCOT
Press release

Extreme E extends pioneering environmental partnership with ALLCOT

Extreme E has announced the extension of its net zero mission partnership with ALLCOT, a carbon project developer and leader in sustainability solutions for businesses.

Building on their successful collaboration since Season 1, ALLCOT will continue to play a vital role as the Official Environmental Contribution Partner for the groundbreaking all-electric championship.

Sustainability has been at the centre of Extreme E’s mission since its inception, and this renewed partnership reaffirms the shared vision to create a greener and more sustainable future. Moreover, ALLCOT has always been at the forefront of driving positive action in the global fight against climate change.

ALLCOT as the Official Environmental Contribution Partner

ALLCOT’s role as the Official Environmental Contribution Partner to Extreme E further solidifies its position as a trusted expert in carbon solutions.

For Season 3, ALLCOT aims to introduce innovative solutions to answer the needs of positive climate action, exploring groundbreaking ways to address carbon emissions, leveraging the power of motorsport to inspire action and establish lasting change. 

Extreme E’s unique racing format, which takes place in some of the world’s most environmentally challenged locations, provides an unparalleled platform for raising awareness about climate change and promoting sustainable practices. ALLCOT’s expertise in carbon project development and climate action will contribute to Extreme E’s mission to be a championship that brings a positive environmental legacy.

Season 3 is coming

Ali Russell, Chief Marketing Officer, at Extreme E, commented: “We’re delighted to continue our work with ALLCOT for Season 3, where we will ensure Extreme E continues to offset our carbon footprint at the end of each racing year.”

Extreme E has always strived to make a difference, leveraging the global influence of motorsport to showcase solutions to pressing climate issues. ALLCOT’s collaboration as Extreme E’s Official Environmental Contribution Partner will ensure that the Championship can minimise, measure and offset its environmental impact, as well as continue to effect lasting change. We look forward to progressing our work together.

An exciting chapter for the partnership

Alexis L. Leroy, CEO of ALLCOT, added: “We are thrilled to renew our partnership with Extreme E. We have witnessed the tremendous impact Extreme E has had in raising global awareness about the urgent need to combat climate change.

Through our continued collaboration, we aim to introduce innovative approaches to carbon markets, advancing the way we address emissions and drive sustainable practices for business.” 

The extended partnership between Extreme E and ALLCOT marks an exciting chapter in their shared journey to combat climate change. By harnessing the power of innovation, sustainability, and motorsport, the two organisations are set to drive transformative change and shape a more sustainable future.