ALLCOT and Extreme E Set Sail on Active Offsetting for Santa Helena
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ALLCOT and Extreme E Set Sail on Active Offsetting for Santa Helena

ALLCOT and Extreme E are excited to announce a pioneering initiative: Santa Helena Active
Offsetting Pilot Program
, a dynamic, real-time solution scheduled for implementation aboard the
Santa Helena vessel.

Active Offsetting allows improvement

Active Offsetting is a novel approach to carbon management that enables organisations
to continuously monitor and offset emissions as they occur, providing heightened
accuracy and transparency in managing their carbon footprint.

Extreme E is already Measuring, Reducing and Compensating their emissions in line with the
Sports for Climate Action framework. ALLCOT’s Active Offsetting Programme will allow Extreme
E to go one step further
by having more precision and offset the Santa Helena’s emissions in
real time.

Transparency and Traceability in Active Offsetting

The active offsetting process involves collecting daily fuel consumption from Santa Helena
which is converted in Co2e
– carbon emission equivalent. Using the daily carbon footprint data,
the corresponding precise amount of carbon credits required for compensation will be instantly
calculated. These credits are then automatically retired via a blockchain platform, leaving an
immutable record of each transaction on the blockchain ledger. This groundbreaking approach
guarantees an unmatched level of transparency and traceability throughout the entire carbon
offsetting process for Santa Helena.

Additionally, regular reports will be generated by the system. These reports will provide
comprehensive information on Santa Helena’s carbon footprint
, the number of carbon credits
retired, and details about the selected carbon project associated with this initiative.

Validating the program

Developed by ALLCOT IO, the digital arm of ALLCOT, with the support and technical
partnership of EcoRegistry and Senken, this solution presents an opportunity for a transparent
, and compensation of emissions that can apply to a complete range of different
activities and industries.

Scheduled to be deployed following Race 8 in September 2023, when the ship is on its way
from Sardinia to Chile, the pilot will run until the end of the year with the objective of starting
again from the first race of season 4 in 2024. We are looking forward to validating the program
and gathering feedback from all participants

Technology associated with Sustainability

This feature is a groundbreaking step forward in the fight against climate change, ensuring that
everyone is informed, engaged and reactive. Technology associated with sustainability opens
the door to impactful engagement from proactive organisations like Extreme E ”, says Alexis
Leroy, Founder of ALLCOT and Co-Founder of ALLCOT IO.

“Motorsport has always been a fantastic testing ground for innovative solutions. Extreme E’s
approach with the Santa Helena is already ahead of the curve. Combined with the opportunity to
visualize emissions on a daily basis, Active Offsetting offers a great opportunity to monitor
reduction initiatives and engage participants
in a collective sustainable effort”, says Raphael de
Ry, Co-Founder & CEO of ALLCOT IO.

A shared journey to Active Offsetting

Alejandro Agag, Founder and CEO of Extreme E, said: “As a championship which aims to raise
awareness of the climate crisis, we are conscious of our own impact on the environmental
health of our planet
. This initiative launched by ALLCOT is a significant one, especially as it is to
be implemented aboard our race-travelling vessel, the St. Helena, and will be able to monitor its
carbon footprint in real time.

Extreme E and ALLCOT are on a shared journey to combat climate change, and sustainability
using the most innovative technologies such as Active Offsetting are at the centre
of this mission. The St. Helena’s role in Extreme E is pivotal, and therefore utilising its offset
carbon emissions and repurposing them positively matches our shared ambition to explore
ground-breaking ways to reduce the environmental damage caused to our planet.”