ALLCOT achieves second place in two categories at the 2022 Environmental Finance Awards

The prestigious Environmental Finance platform, which analyzes and offers the most exhaustive information on sustainable investment, green finance and companies, and people active in the environmental finance sector, has published the annual market ranking in the Environmental Finance Bon Awards…

Jujuy signs agreement with ALLCOT to make its entry into the carbon bond market viable

The Government of the Province of Jujuy (Argentina) , through the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, signed an agreement with the international developer ALLCOT to promote projects qualified to the carbon market, and finance the protection of Jujuy’s native…

Ngece Rinjeu Foundation and ALLCOT take a further step towards environmental mitigation in Kenya

Ngece Rinjeu Foundation of Kenya and ALLCOT signed, on November 17, an agreement to explore joint opportunities in the development of several Clean Cook Stove projects that will generate carbon credits. The Kenyan Ngece Rinjeu Foundation empowers women and youth…