Ngece Rinjeu Foundation and ALLCOT
Press release

Ngece Rinjeu Foundation and ALLCOT take a further step towards environmental mitigation in Kenya

Ngece Rinjeu Foundation of Kenya and ALLCOT signed, on November 17, an agreement to explore joint opportunities in the development of several Clean Cook Stove projects that will generate carbon credits.

The Kenyan Ngece Rinjeu Foundation empowers women and youth through training to promote the adoption of clean energy at home, and to inculcate in them the cultivation of oilseed crops for food and energy for economic, social and environmental gain. One of the Foundation’s main programs is the manufacture of Clean Cookstoves to support this community in gaining economic benefits as they contribute to environmental and climate change mitigation and adaptation.

ALLCOT teaming up with Ngece Rinjeu Foundation

Ngece Rinjeu Foundation and ALLCOT are teaming up as the strategic allies to work on the development of different projects to generate high quality carbon credits and contribute to the sustainable development and welfare of the local community in Kenya. As a veteran project developer and expert in carbon financing, ALLCOT is an agent of change with global reach and local commitment. Since 2009, ALLCOT provides innovative, comprehensive and tailored solutions in the fight against climate change, under the guidelines of the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda. ALLCOT’s essence is to focus on climate action on the basis of fairness and equity.

While the Ngece Rinjeu Foundation will be the supplier of low consumption stoves (Clean CookStoves) manufactured by the women and young people of the Foundation for all ALLCOT’s projects in Kenya, the partnership will seek to designing, developing and implementing further Clean CookStove distribution projects in view to generate carbon finance to help local communities.


Since 2009, ALLCOT provides innovative solutions to combat climate change and promote sustainability through project development, carbon markets, and advisory services. ALLCOT’s vision is to lead and accelerate the global transition towards a climate-neutral society by 2050. ALLCOT’s unique approach is based on Article 6 of the Paris Agreement, its linkage to the SDGs, non-market approaches, and other market mechanisms.

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