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Alexis L. Leroy, talks about the challenges to change climate change in the Claro y Directo MX program

Alexis L. Leroy, CEO & Founder of ALLCOT, was interviewed by journalist Roberto Díaz Guerrero on the program Claro y Directo MX. This interview covered topics related to the results of the COP 27 held in Egypt, the urgency of decarbonization in the framework of global warming, waste management projects in Mexico and ALLCOT’s contributions in the fight against climate change.

This virtual meeting brought up the United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP 27, recently held in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. Concerning this, Alexis highlights the importance of the growing concern of private investors about climate change, which could increase investments in the public sector considerably.


In the framework of the Paris Agreement Signature in 2016, 197 parties joined an initiative to support developing countries in mitigating and adapting to climate change. However, no significant progress has been shown in terms of adopting mechanisms contributing to funds creation, and to environmental, social and economic solutions to build a sustainable economy. In this state of things, Alexis L. Leroy states: “I am personally alarmed as the negotiations are still not moving forward. Implementation should be a reality, and not anymore, a reality in a conversation”.

On the other hand, concerning the waste management in Mexico, one of the environmental issues that most affect citizens, Alexis highlighted that, since 2018 ALLCOT has a presence in the country to support activities involving: “resources that need to be recycled and transformed” or, “waste management being implemented in well-defined transformative projects, under the protection of regulations and bringing added value to communities”.

Certainly, there is a need for change involving all sectors, public and private, to fight climate change. This, undoubtedly, can only be achieved with the implementation of strategies and action plans contributing, at the same time, to the social and economic development of countries and to their local communities.

To listen to the full Claroy y Directo MX interview follow this link.