ALLCOT in the media

Health and safety training for mangrove restoration

In a move towards enhancing safety during mangrove restoration efforts, ALLCOT has conducted health and safety training sessions. These sessions, aimed at preventing accidents during planting activities, took place in Casamance and Saloum, Senegal.

Around 20 participants from the Ziguinchor region received first aid training tailored to the unique challenges posed by climate change. Cheik Tidiane Kandji, Social Expert at ALLCOT, emphasized the importance of these sessions and the strict adherence to safety protocols to protect all participants involved in the reforestation activities. The training, conducted in collaboration with the Red Cross, focused on first aid and safety precautions necessary for reforestation efforts.

This initiative is part of the ABC Mangrove Restoration project. ALLCOT is currently preparing for its reforestation campaign, which will begin shortly, marking the third year of its ongoing efforts.