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Argentine Province of Misiones to develop carbon projects

The Argentine province of Misiones is partnering with ALLCOT to create regulations for the issuance and marketing of more than 6 million carbon credits from three approved projects.

These projects include afforestation and reforestation initiatives covering 8,000 and 36,000 hectares, as well as a landfill gas (LFG) project.

The reforestation projects aim to protect the Yaboty biosphere, restore native forests, improve water sources, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 125,000 tonnes annually over 30 years.

The LFG project at the Fachinal landfill aims to capture methane for energy use, potentially generating 150,000 carbon credits annually.

The projects align with Misiones’ climate change goals and reflect its net removal of CO2 emissions compared to emissions. These initiatives build on an agreement between ALLCOT and Misiones and demonstrate the province’s commitment to sustainability.