The Climate Action Data Trust User Forum announced its members
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Sergi Cuadrat, VP Climate Action at ALLCOT, has been selected as an appointed member of the Climate Action Data Trust User Forum

On June 5, the Climate Action Data Trust – CAD Trust – announced Sergi Cuadrat, Vice President of Climate Action at ALLCOT, as one of the 20 appointed members of its User Forum.

What is the Climate Action Data Trust (CAD Trust)?

This organization offers a decentralized, blockchain-powered digital infrastructure that connects and centralizes carbon certificate registries and provides public access to this information; maximizing the transparency of carbon credits, minimizing the risk of double counting and improving the overall integrity of the markets. 

What is the User Forum?

The Users Forum is a group that acts as a market sounding board for technical, policy and commercial issues, providing valuable input and feedback to help increase transparency and interoperability in carbon markets.

The User Forum is a consultative body of the CAD Trust Board that will be able to suggest changes, identify potential data use cases, communicate market needs to enable better use of data, and identify IT updates and development required.

The Forum will also make recommendations to the Council for developing the governance of the CAD Trust.

Find out the designated members of the User Forum here.