Corporation that is B Corp Certified because passed the Impact B evaluation about social, environmental and governance practices.

With legacy in mind, companies seek B Certification, aligning profitability with socio-environmental awareness

A certification process that ensures ESG practices

A new type of economy, more sustainable and in line with the world’s new demands is not only possible, but also necessary. Companies need to seek a balance between profitability and socio-environmental responsibility. Responding to this need, B Lab, an international non-profit network aiming to transform the global economy and benefit all people and communities on the planet, was created in 2016. This organization is based on a certification process that guarantees the best social, environmental and governance practices, backed by the collective vision of an inclusive society, and an equitable and sustainable regenerative economy.

Leading a global movement of companies of all sizes, whether small, start-ups or multinationals, which are using their business to make the world a better place, B Corporations (or B Corps) are tackling a new business model, ensuring that they are resilient and responsible to future generations. In addition, they comply with better social, economic, environmental and public transparency standards.

ALLCOT is now B Corp Certified

For ALLCOT, a company dedicated to the development of greenhouse gasses mitigation projects, to the participation of carbon markets and services providing sustainable solutions and carbon neutralization, this type of certification raises our standards to contribute even more towards tackling climate change and local economies together.

The process of obtaining the certification involved a joint effort of teams from different strategic areas of the company. The actions taken on a daily basis require responsibility and dedication to care for the planet and improve the quality of life for all the communities where they operate, which resulted in an above average score of 81.6 in the Impact B evaluation.

In the words of Alexis L. Leroy, CEO and founder of ALLCOT, “this certification does not define ALLCOT, but rather illustrates what we stand for.” Undoubtedly, this provides greater visibility in increasingly demanding markets and in the relationship with companies sharing our same values and commitments towards sustainability in their daily operations. As a result, our company contributes to projects seeking to mitigate and compensate for the impacts on the planet and the economic development of the communities.