Month: February 2023

ALLCOT’s 2022 achievements confirm its commitment to sustainability and fair change

Continuous positioning ALLCOT continues to position itself as a key player in the fight against climate change, with exponential growth over the last year, high impact projects and third party certifications that guarantee its integrity, transparency and continuous improvement, focused…

ALLCOT, committed to the Climate Neutral Now initiative

A climate neutral world by 2050 With ALLCOT’s ratification as a participant in the Climate Neutral Now Initiative, we demonstrate once again that we are committed to achieving a climate neutral world by 2050, as envisioned in the Paris Agreement….

High quality standards position ALLCOT as a transparent and reliable partner

ALLCOT reflects its transparency and reliability by obtaining the 9001, 14001 and 37001 ISO Certifications

With legacy in mind, companies seek B Certification, aligning profitability with socio-environmental awareness

A certification process that ensures ESG practices A new type of economy, more sustainable and in line with the world’s new demands is not only possible, but also necessary. Companies need to seek a balance between profitability and socio-environmental responsibility….

Parque Eólico Cabo Leones I project received technical assistance from ALLCOT during the emissions monitoring

Energy transition and climate change are directly related. The excessive use of non-renewable energies for electricity production has a major environmental impact: global warming. In this scenario, renewable energies, such as wind power, are a promising alternative for a more…

ALLCOT presents ALLCOT IO: The new division to develop On-Chain Carbon Projects

Aligned with the digital era and the development of the blockchain industry, ALLCOT IO is the new division within ALLCOT dedicated to leveraging new technologies from the Web3, ReFi (Regenerative Finance) and Blockchain ecosystem to enable the development of carbon…

ALLCOT and UCG establish a great partnership to build successful climate projects in SENEGAL

Senegal’s Solid Waste Management Coordinating Unit (UCG) and ALLCOT, an international climate change project developer, have signed a one-year partnership for designing impactful climate projects and programmes in Senegal. Senegal is a signatory to the United Nations Framework Convention on…

Senegal announces world-first private sector ITMO partnership

The Republic of Senegal has announced a world-first private sector investment to generate carbon credits under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement, in partnership with Australian investment firm Carbon Growth Partners and Swiss carbon project manager ALLCOT. The innovative partnership…

ALLCOT’s new sustainable projects in the province of Misiones, Argentina

In the framework of COP27, in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, the “Fair Carbon Markets Initiative, a voluntary South-South cooperation to overcome the climate finance barrier” was held, and where the cooperation agreement between the province of Misiones in Argentina and ALLCOT…