Press release

ALLCOT and UCG establish a great partnership to build successful climate projects in SENEGAL

Senegal’s Solid Waste Management Coordinating Unit (UCG) and ALLCOT, an international climate change project developer, have signed a one-year partnership for designing impactful climate projects and programmes in Senegal.

Senegal is a signatory to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, and as such has ratified the Paris Climate Agreement. The Solid Waste Management Coordinating Unit (UCG) is the national entity, implementing the Waste NDC of Senegal. Also, the solid waste management projects and programmes.

ALLCOT is a company with extensive knowledge and experience for the development and financing of greenhouse gas emission reduction initiatives. This includes renewable energy, landfills, forestry, waste management, etc. ALLCOT aims to make a disruptive climate approach in projects and sustainability solutions.

The climate change global context needs actions and innovations to contribute to meet the ambitions of climate commitments in all countries. Thus, financing opportunities are available to developing countries.

The UCG, in its zero waste perspective, explores innovative financing mechanisms of the sector for the benefit of the population. For this reason, the collaboration between ALLCOT and UCG allows us to respond to four essential points:

  • Capacity building of UCG staff
  • Co-creation of climate change projects and programs in solid waste management
  • Finding fund for projects and programs
  • Transactions to reduce GHG emissions through market mechanisms as defined in Article 6 of the Paris Climate Agreement.

ALLCOT & UCG, a win-win partnership for climate actions of international magnitude for an economic, social and environmental impact to benefit local communities.