ALLCOT's new division
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ALLCOT presents ALLCOT IO: The new division to develop On-Chain Carbon Projects

Aligned with the digital era and the development of the blockchain industry, ALLCOT IO is the new division within ALLCOT dedicated to leveraging new technologies from the Web3, ReFi (Regenerative Finance) and Blockchain ecosystem to enable the development of carbon projects driven by the community and its positive environmental impact.

ALLCOT IO’s mission

Its mission is to increase transparency, efficiency and integrity in carbon project development while ensuring equitable income distribution for participating communities.

“ALLCOT IO will bridge the gap between legacy projects mechanisms and the much needed scaling up and transparency to accelerate and multiply impacts”

highlights Alexis Leroy, Founder & CEO of ALLCOT and Co-Founder of ALLCOT IO.

Raphaël De Ry, Co-founder & CEO states that the launch of this new line of work “unlocks the potential of regenerating planetary health and become part of a more transparent, equitable, and sustainable future”.

ALLCOT’s new divison

ALLCOT IO is a new division of ALLCOT – a B-Corp Company-, equipped with ALLCOT’s 12 years of experience on the field. ALLCOT IO launches to leverage the expertise of the boots on the ground with the power of the digital hands. It is also dedicated to extending its existing partnerships with Web3 pioneers and developing new ones.

Learn more about this new divison here.