Press release

Extreme E extends pioneering sustainability partnership with ALLCOT

Extreme E has today announced it will be renewing its long-term environmental partnership with ALLCOT, a carbon project developer and leader in sustainability solutions for businesses.
ALLCOT have worked with the series since its first season and will continue to play a vital role as the Official Environmental Contribution Partner for the groundbreaking all-electric championship.

Last term, ALLCOT introduced innovative solutions to answer the needs of positive climate action, exploring groundbreaking ways to address carbon emissions, leveraging the power of motorsport to inspire action and establish lasting change.
Sustainability has been at the centre of Extreme E’s mission since its inception, and this renewed partnership reaffirms the shared vision to create a greener and more sustainable future.  
Moreover, ALLCOT has always been at the forefront of driving positive action in the global fight against climate change. Extreme E’s unique racing format, which takes place in some of the world’s most environmentally challenged locations, provides an unparalleled platform for raising awareness about climate change and promoting sustainable practices. ALLCOT’s expertise in carbon project development and climate action will contribute to Extreme E’s mission to be a championship that brings a positive environmental legacy.

Active Offsetting Pilot Programme

ALLCOT also announced a pioneering initiative with the championship last year, the St. Helena Active Offsetting Pilot Programme run by ALLCOT IO -the digital division of the group-, a dynamic, real-time solution scheduled for implementation aboard the championship’s floating centrepiece.
Ali Russell, Managing Director of Extreme E said: “We are excited that our long-term sustainability partner ALLCOT have extended their collaboration with us once again. We have achieved a lot together in the last three seasons including advancing the way we address emissions and driving sustainable practices for business”.
Alexis Leroy, CEO from ALLCOT said: “We now have great foundations to further our collaboration on minimising our environmental impact and continuing to leave a long-lasting positive legacy.”

After a thrilling opening round in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (17-18 February), Extreme E will return in July (13-14) for the European leg of the calendar.  

For more information visit www.extreme-e.com.