The shift to sustainable climate solutions

Achieving carbon neutrality was the primary aim in the fight against climate change. However, the focus has shifted towards ensuring that climate measures are not only carbon neutral but also sustainable.

Today, it’s not just about offsetting CO2 emissions with any carbon credits; it’s about ensuring those credits come from projects committed to sustainability and environmental integrity. These projects aim to reduce, avoid, or capture greenhouse gas emissions, thus balancing out emissions from other human activities.

Moving forward, as companies endeavor to reduce emissions, it’s vital that they offset what they can’t eliminate with carbon credits from sustainable projects. These projects, whether grounded in nature-based solutions or technological, must not only capture or avoid emissions but also be sustainable, transparent, and beneficial for the environment, society, and economy.

In his latest column in NTN24, Alexis Leroy, Founder & CEO of ALLCOT, highlights the importance of ensuring that climate measures are sustainable, transparent, and impactful, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive and transformative approach to addressing the challenges of climate change.