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ALLCOT and senken have agreed to jointly explore the regenerative climate finance ecosystem and on-chain carbon market technologies to develop more impactful climate projects

Berlin, August, 24, 2022—senken, the world’s first open on-chain carbon credit marketplace and ALLCOT, a veteran project developer that offers knowledge, experience and management to greenhouse gas emission reduction initiatives to actively combat the climate crisis, today announced a partnership to explore how on-chain climate infrastructures and services can be used to increase climate and social impact.

“Partnering with one of the world’s most established project developers with the highest integrity helps us better understand how we can establish the on-chain carbon market as a key lever in the fight against climate change. We are united in our goal to finance climate change projects worldwide and increase overall transparency and acceptance,” said Adrian Wons, CEO, senken. “With its political, societal, and corporate connections, ALLCOT can help us better understand the complexities of project development, so we can develop credible solutions for the voluntary carbon market.”

As on-chain climate technology and renewable climate finance services are increasingly used as a toolkit in the voluntary carbon market to provide more decentralized, open, and traceable information along the entire climate project value chain. There is a need to bridge the traditional project development landscape with the new emerging climate tech ecosystem. Drawing on the experience of 59 projects in 16 countries that collectively generate 17 million carbon credits per year, ALLCOT looks forward to solutions that establish transparency as the foundation for high-value, high-integrity markets.

“ALLCOT supports climate initiatives that can quantify and communicate environmental and co-benefits aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. ALLCOT’s partnership with senken is precisely what is needed to develop the new climate economy ecosystem, which is growing in size and complexity.” said Raphaël De Ry, CEO, ALLCOT Sports & Tech. “ Using new technologies, such as blockchain and digital MRV, is imperative to bring greater transparency and demonstrated additionality to carbon projects. ALLCOT is pleased to have senken, a proven expert in this field, as a partner to continue building impactful projects for the environment and the community.”.

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Since 2009, ALLCOT provides innovative solutions to combat climate change and promote sustainability through project development, carbon markets, and advisory services. ALLCOT’s vision is to lead and accelerate the global transition towards a climate-neutral society by 2050. ALLCOT’s unique approach is based on Article 6 of the Paris Agreement, its linkage to the SDGs, non-market approaches, and other market mechanisms.

About senken

Senken has built the first climate finance platform to trade on-chain carbon credits. The goal: to democratize purchases, sales, and retirements of carbon credits which were previously only available to privileged investors or over-the-counter insiders. The senken Marketplace enables credible investments in tokenized carbon credits from verified climate projects. The projects underlying the credits can be effortlessly queried, compared, purchased, traded and used to offset carbon emissions. Credibility and transparency are ensured through a decentralized on-chain carbon infrastructure that immutably stores all accruing information along the climate project value chain.