Guatemala City Transforms Waste into Clean Energy
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Guatemala City Transforms Waste into Clean Energy

Guatemala City, together with INBIO and ALLCOT, transforms waste into clean energy. This is an innovative project to capture biogas and generate electricity at the Zona 3 landfill, formerly known as El Trébol.

The project is currently in the social consultation phase, which is why last Saturday, July 22 and August 4, the first socialization sessions were held at the facilities of the municipality of Guatemala City.

Transitioning to clean energy sources

The event brought together a group of 20 people, mainly municipal employees who work daily in the active area of the landfill. During the meeting, a comprehensive presentation of the Gold Standard project was given, detailing its technical operation and the anticipated positive environmental, economic and social impacts.

This ambitious project represents an important milestone in waste management and the transition to cleaner energy sources. Landfill gases will be collected and used to generate electricity (over 5 MW), which will be sold through a power purchase agreement to the local distribution grid.

INBIO, with the support of ALLCOT, is driving this initiative that reinforces the belief that sustainable solutions can be drivers of positive change in communities and the environment, while also generating sustainable economic benefits.

The benefits of the project

Among the project’s outstanding benefits, the following are highlighted:

  • Environmental Impact: Clean Energy Generation (SDG 7): By implementing an efficient landfill gas collection and flaring system, the project results in electricity generation. In addition, power generation from biogas is estimated to reduce around 167,210 tons of carbon dioxide (tCO2) annually, while controlled landfill gas flaring minimizes pollutant emissions, making way for a cleaner and healthier atmosphere.  
  • Economic Impact: The project contributes to economic growth and job creation, in addition to establishing a long-term sustainable business model. In addition, the program includes an initiative aimed at waste pickers working at the Zona 3 landfill, with the purpose of strengthening their organizational and entrepreneurial capacities, fostering associations, cooperatives and networks. 
  • Social Impact: The Gold Standard project has the potential to generate local employment and provide training sessions for plant employees. 

To broaden the scope of the consultation and encourage the participation of various stakeholders, two additional information sessions are planned throughout the month of August. These meetings will be aimed at government entities, local NGOs, reclaimers, buyers, freight forwarders, collectors, businesses near the plant and neighbors of the Zone 3 landfill.