Press release

ALLCOT’s new sustainable projects in the province of Misiones, Argentina

In the framework of COP27, in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, the “Fair Carbon Markets Initiative, a voluntary South-South cooperation to overcome the climate finance barrier” was held, and where the cooperation agreement between the province of Misiones in Argentina and ALLCOT was signed.

At this meeting, the Misiones delegation, led by Gervasio Malagrida, provincial climate change minister, presented six projects to strengthen conservation policies for the Parana rainforest and its biodiversity.

Subsequently, the agreement between the two parties was formalized and signed by the Minister of Climate Change of Misiones and Alexis Leroy, Founder & CEO of ALLCOT.

The cooperation agreement reflects the commitment of both parties to work together to “Net Zero” in the short, mid and long term, through the promotion of forest conservation practices, land use, regenerative agriculture, energy efficiency management, among others.

Misione’s commitment

Misiones’ commitment to mitigate climate change is already preceded by the COP26 held in 2021, based in Glasgow-UK, where it played a key role, as it joined the “Declaration for Equity in Carbon Markets”, a document born in the Cartagena-Colombia Climate Summit, driven by the Ministers of Environment of 14 countries in Latin America and West Africa.