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ALLCOT expert trains representatives of 20 governments on Paris Agreement transparency processes

ALLCOT expert Diana Guzmán Barraza trains representatives of 20 governments on Climate Action at the UNFCCC-GIR-CASTT.

Diana Guzman Barraza, Director of ALLCOT’s Climate Action Unit, was invited by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), together with the Government of Korea, as “UNFCCC Secretariat Expert Reviewer” to train representatives from 20 governments on the transparency processes of the Paris Agreements.

Intensive expert training

Diana assisted in the training of the 2023 cohort of the UNFCCC-GIR-CASTT. This is a four-week intensive professional training programme on greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories for government officials from developing countries. The programme has been offered annually in collaboration with the Korea Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Research Center (GIR) since 2010. Diana Guzmán was an alumnus of the programme in 2017, representing Mexico.

ALLCOT expert shares her experience

During the training, Diana shared her experience as part of the UNFCCC Secretariat’s Expert Review Team auditing the Biennial Reports, National Communications and National Greenhouse Gas Inventories of Greece, the United Kingdom, Liechtenstein, Romania and Ireland as part of their compliance with the Paris Agreements.

She affirms that “her major contribution to this technical training is in guiding students on how they can participate in transparency processes as Expert Reviewers in the new Enhanced Transparency Framework of the Paris Agreements, under which all countries will enter into a universal transparency process from 2024″.

Diana also explains that “being a UNFCCC Expert Reviewer is something very exclusive and difficult to obtain, because the applicants, in addition to having sufficient knowledge and competences on climate change, must be nominated by the government of each country. After being selected, they must undergo UNFCCC training, submit the relevant reviews and then be invited by the UNFCCC Secretariat to be part of a Technical Review Team of a country’s transparency processes”.

Diana will also tell the UNFCCC-GIR-CASTT students about her work at ALLCOT, highlighting the services offered by the Climate Action Unit around the implementation of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement.