The municipality of Kafountine and ALLCOT signing up a protocol
Press release

The municipality of Kafountine and ALLCOT, leading the fight against climate change in Senegal

On April 11, the municipality of Kafountine and ALLCOT signed a protocol to work in synergy with local communities and civil society organizations on actions to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from deforestation and forest degradation.

A partnership framework

The signed protocol serves as a partnership framework between ALLCOT and the Municipality of Kafountine to develop and implement four projects. The first of these is aimed at restoring the mangrove ecosystem; the second project is on biodiversity conservation and credits, and the third is to distribute improved cookstoves for domestic use and for smoking fish and other fishery products.

Finally, a project will be developed and implemented on seventeen agro-bioenergy farms that will enable the proper supply of school canteens in the municipality.

The education sector as a focal point

According to the mayor of Kafountine, Mr. David Diatta, “with this project, we can make a model project in Senegal at the level of education, at the level of the environment and the involvement of territorial community of commune in the complete fight of climate change. […] This project will really make Kafountine a pilot phase in Senegal.”

The project also has a strong educational component, and as Ousmane Fall Sarr, ALLCOT’s Regional Director in Senegal says, “using the education sector as a focal point for the implementation of our activities will have more impact because we believe that children are both victims and actors. […] This project will enable the creation of better jobs for young people and will also improve learning conditions in schools and have a positive impact on food security.”

Benefits for the municipality of Kafountine

Projects like these accelerate the fight against climate change and sustainability; because communities are the main stakeholders and directly receive the social, environmental and economic benefits” assured Alexis Leroy, Founder and CEO of ALLCOT.

With these projects, Kafountine demonstrates once again that it is a leading region in the fight against climate change and the conservation of its mangroves, its biodiversity and its ancestral culture. Kafountine stands as a role model not only in terms of environmental protection, but also in the development of projects that contribute to improving the living conditions of its communities.