Climate Change

A sustainable society resilient to face climate change is only possible with a profound cultural change

Achieving a sustainable society resilient to face climate change is only possible if there is a profound cultural change that involves a revolution in our values, in our consumption habits, in our mental, social and economic structures.

The development of capabilities in individuals, organizations and countries is the way to achieve the cultural change that humanity urgently needs, and implies providing information, reevaluating and modifying attitudes and changing behaviors in all areas of life and in all generations.

Raising awareness, responsibility and openness to new ideas

Creating widespread awareness of the magnitude of the problem and its consequences is the first step in the capacity building approach. This involves promoting environmental education from an early age and fostering a deep understanding of environmental issues at all levels of society.

In this component of capacity building, it is essential that each individual feels responsible for their impact on the environment and becomes a leader of change in their setting. This is especially important if we are talking about communities that inhabit invaluable ecosystems such as jungles, forests and mangroves.

Reassessing values and priorities for climate change

Secondly, climate change forces us to re-evaluate our values and priorities as a society, placing sustainability and environmental protection at the center, prioritizing the conservation of natural resources and the well-being of future generations.

Likewise, capacity building implies generating a mindset of resilience and adaptation, recognizing the need to adjust our ways of life and organization to cope with the present and future impacts of climate change.

Creativity and openness to disruptive ideas and technologies that enable the transition to a low-carbon economy and the adoption of sustainable practices in all sectors should also be encouraged. 

Changing behaviors

Raising awareness, changing and re-evaluating our attitudes should lead us to question and modify our habits, promoting a culture of responsible and sustainable consumption.

Climate change is a global challenge that requires a collective and collaborative response that overcomes political, economic and social barriers.

ALLCOT’s commitment to capacity building and climate change

At ALLCOT we are convinced that capacity building, in all areas and with all clients and partners who we work with, is a fundamental pillar to achieve the goal of becoming a sustainable society resilient to face climate change. 

For that reason, we have developed content and tools that allow us to adapt to the needs and conditions of each target audience, such as governments, organizations or communities with limited connectivity.

We have a great technical knowledge in sustainability and climate change issues but we are able to adapt the contents to facilitate meaningful and close learning for each particular audience; from children and teenagers, through corporate and government employees, and integrating the ancestral knowledge of farmers and indigenous people to the latest technological developments so that we achieve the dream of a cultural revolution that will allow us to build a new model of society.