ALLCOT builds capacity to face climate change
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ALLCOT builds capacity to face climate change

At ALLCOT, we know that for any climate action to be sustainable and long-lasting, communities need to be sufficiently informed, take responsibility for their environment and have the capacity to cope with the consequences of climate change.

Accessible education on a global scale

We created ALLCOT Academy, a digital platform that allows us to reach every corner of the planet and adapts to the needs of each target audience.

In July, ALLCOT Academy launches four digital courses that will help young people and adults build capacity to address climate change. The courses are 100 percent online and asynchronous, so each user can learn at their own pace, evaluate their knowledge and receive a certificate upon completion.

Interactive games and activities to engage in the learning of the SDGs

The first course available in English and Spanish is “SDGs for Teens. This course features interactive games and activities to keep students engaged while they gain a clear understanding of each of the Sustainable Development Goals, the global challenges we face and what young people can do to make a positive impact on their environment and the world.

Unlike other similar courses, “SDGs for Teens” promotes the active participation of students. The use of interactive tools engages them in a meaningful way, fostering their understanding and motivation to address the SDGs.

The complexity of Article 6 clearly explained by experts

The second course launched by ALLCOT Academy is “Introduction to Article 6 of the Paris Agreement”, available in English. It is aimed at people interested in understanding the key aspects of Article 6 and its provisions within the Paris Agreement. This course is taught by experts on the subject who explain the concepts in a clear and simple manner, making the contents accessible to any audience without requiring prior knowledge on the subject.

Circular economy put into practice through case studies

The third course available in Spanish is “Introduction to the circular economy. It is designed for individuals and organizations to understand the fundamental concepts of the circular economy and its impact on the fight against climate change.

The course includes case studies that illustrate the practical application of the circular economy in different sectors, as well as the economic and environmental benefits they generate.

Strategies and methodologies to manage the carbon footprint

Finally, ALLCOT Academy makes available to sustainability professionals and experts the course “Accounting for Indirect Greenhouse Gas Emissions – Scope 3; available in Spanish.

This two-hour course is particularly relevant for organizations seeking to quantify and manage their carbon footprint, including emissions generated in their supply chain and by their products or services.

Continuous launching of courses that will help build capacity

Course participants will have access to internationally recognized best practices and methodologies for assessing and reporting these emissions, as well as strategies to effectively reduce and manage their environmental impact. 

In the coming months, ALLCOT Academy will continue to launch courses that will help build capacity to contribute to the dream we have of living in a more sustainable world for ourselves and future generations.