Enhancing the role of local governments in the fight against climate change

When it comes to combating climate change, regional or subnational governments play a crucial role. Their proximity to the people and their understanding of local needs make them powerful allies in this global battle.

While the Paris Agreement sets the stage for international cooperation, its success ultimately rests on the collective impact of local actions worldwide. These governments play a pivotal role in translating global climate goals into tangible, on-the-ground solutions that yield real results.

The advantages of empowering local governments go beyond conservation efforts. Subnational governments are often more agile and open to experimenting with innovative solutions. Their ability to swiftly implement policies for emissions reduction, promotion of renewable energy, sustainable transportation, waste management, reforestation, and environmental protection sets an example for other cities and regions.

In his column at NTN24Alexis L. Leroy, ALLCOT’s Founder & CEO, emphasizes that “it is possible to achieve the goals proposed in the Paris Agreement if we work from the local level”.