Choosing sustainability: a paradigm shift for our planet

We face a critical choice between an outdated economy and one that prioritizes the well-being of humanity and the planet. The Paris Agreement present an unprecedented opportunity, acting as a powerful catalyst for change.

For 300 years, a profit-driven economic model has fueled remarkable development, thanks to technology, industrialization, and population growth. However, this progress has come at a great environmental cost, jeopardizing the sustainability of our planet.

We must embrace sustainability, acknowledging the finite nature of our resources and striving for a circular, low-carbon economy. By doing so, we can preserve our environment while fostering prosperity.

In this space at NTN24, Alexis Leroy, ALLCOT’s CEO & Founder, aims to offer a realistic yet optimistic viewpoint: “I firmly believe in humanity’s capacity and spirit to build a better planet for ourselves and future generations”.