Economic growth opportunities based on sustainability

After attending the VI Sustainability Summit in Bogotá, it is evident to ALLCOT experts that Colombia has great economic opportunities for growth based on sustainability. 

The objective of the event was to answer the question of how to make sustainability a tool for business growth and for the country in general. The event was attended by 30 national and international panelists. 

ALLCOT was represented by Nathalie Yabrudy, Sustainability Senior Consultant and Álvaro Torres, Circular Economy Professional. According to ALLCOT experts “Colombia, being a country so rich in biodiversity, certainly has opportunities to grow economically through entrepreneurship in sustainability issues, mainly”. 

From the conferences attended by ALLCOT experts, it can be concluded that “the country does value and strives to build green and resilient cities that integrate sustainability through planning that includes social, economic, and environmental issues, and at the same time involves climate action and biodiversity conservation in urban centers”. 

ALLCOT experts also concluded that “it is recognized that decarbonization, through the energy transition of the economy is something that must be done urgently”. However, Nathalie Yabrudy clarified that “it is necessary that decarbonization is carried out in an intelligent and systemic way, considering all economic and social impacts, including some that are not usually considered initially such as: increases in energy tariffs (energy affordability), maintaining the reliability of the system with non-conventional renewable sources and energy security for all”. 

Sistema B, of which ALLCOT is a member, was also present at the event represented by María Emilia Correa, co-founder of Sistema B, as a panelist. Correa spoke about sustainability as “a strategic, market and economic imperative that presents unsuspected opportunities for the region”. 

Correa also assured that the business sector “has a great capacity to achieve results and scope to solve the problems we are facing today” and called for “joining efforts with citizens and governments to respond forcefully to the environmental crises that humanity is going through”.