ALLCOT in the media

ABC Mangrove Restoration: Joining efforts to address environmental challenges

In a significant stride towards environmental preservation, the ABC Mangrove Restoration Senegal project has garnered attention for its exceptional contributions.

This latest press coverage underscores the project’s unwavering commitment to quality and its robust collaboration with key stakeholders.

The focal point of this project lies in the restoration and conservation of mangrove ecosystems, a critical component of Senegal’s natural heritage. The shared vision of the involved entities has paved the way for a cooperative framework that emphasizes sustainable practices and effective resource management.

As the ABC Mangrove Senegal project continues to make strides in its mission, we invite you to watch Modou Thiam’s interview, ALLCOT Forest/REDD+ Expert, for TFM (Télé Futurs Medias) last August 25: