Enhancing the role of local governments in the fight against climate change

When it comes to combating climate change, regional or subnational governments play a crucial role. Their proximity to the people and their understanding of local needs make them powerful allies in this global battle. While the Paris Agreement sets the…

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ESG in Peril

Article by Enrique Lendo originally published in Reforma News Will corporations save us from the climate crisis? Two years ago, BlackRock´s captain, Larry Fink caught capital markets by surprise with his memorable letter to the CEOs. His message was brief…

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Circular Revolution: a path to economic prosperity, wellbeing and sustainability

The current economic model, based on take-make-dispose, is contributing to resource depletion and climate change impacts. The “circular economy” proposes a shift towards reduce, reuse, recycle, and regenerate principles to be more resource-efficient and environmentally friendly. This approach aims to…

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Sustainability in 2023

Article by Enrique Lendo originally published in Reforma News The global sustainability agenda 2022 brought different challenges for the global sustainability agenda. The Russia-Ukraine conflict drove an increase in energy and food prices fostering inflation worldwide. The menace of recession remains…

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Choosing sustainability: a paradigm shift for our planet

We face a critical choice between an outdated economy and one that prioritizes the well-being of humanity and the planet. The Paris Agreement present an unprecedented opportunity, acting as a powerful catalyst for change. For 300 years, a profit-driven economic…

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Thoughts and reflections on SB58, Bonn Climate Change Conference

An article by María Laura Martínez ALLCOT Technology-Based Solutions Consultant in Dominican Republic, Maria Laura Martínez, shares her insights on SB58, which she attended as young activist invited to participate by the Action Climate Empowerment (ACE) team. After attending SB58,…

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