ALLCOT Runner up

ALLCOT achieves second place in two categories at the 2022 Environmental Finance Awards

The prestigious Environmental Finance platform, which analyzes and offers the most exhaustive information on sustainable investment, green finance and companies, and people active in the environmental finance sector, has published the annual market ranking in the Environmental Finance Bon Awards 2022. These distinctions are a recognition of leading companies and organizations in environmental practices that contribute to a sustainable development and future.

The nominations were distributed in three different categories: GHG Markets, Meteorological Risk and Renewable Energy Certificates. Thus, among the nominees were the best traders, brokers and service providers in markets involving carbon emissions mitigation, renewable energy certifications and catastrophe risk.

ALLCOT is runner up

In this area, ALLCOT has stood out and become runner up for being a company that focuses on sustainable development and has obtained second place in the categories of “Best trading company, secondary market: Kyoto Project Credits (JI and CDM)” and “Best project developer: Kyoto Project Credits (JI and CDM)”. The first category contains market-based mechanisms introduced by the Kyoto protocol, such as: Joint Implementation (JI) and Clean Development Mechanisms (CDM). In the same way, the second category was qualified by CA and CDM for the development of global projects.

Despite a turbulent year economically due to high inflation, rising interest rates, supply chain issues, the energy crisis and the ravages of the pandemic, environmental markets have shown great resilience and signs to consolidate more and more. This undoubtedly reflects the many efforts to address climate change and manage risk and investor interest in them.

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