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Alexis Leroy is a new member of ICROA’s Accreditation Committee

On March 30, Alexis Leroy, CEO, and founder of ALLCOT, was elected as one of the seven members of the ICROA Accreditation Committee. With this appointment, ALLCOT advances its purpose of contributing to Climate Action in order to accelerate the transformation to NET ZERO.

What is ICROA?

The International Carbon Reduction and Offsett Alliance (ICROA) is an accreditation program run by the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA), which seeks to improve integrity in the voluntary carbon market.

What does the ICROA Accreditation Committee do?

In order to increase its leadership and governance, ICROA announced a change in its structure, replacing the Executive Committee with an Accreditation Committee. This committee, in addition to guiding ICROA’s strategy and monitoring program accreditation, is responsible for representing the collective point of views of accredited organizations.

For Alexis Leroy “it is an honor and a great responsibility to be on this new accreditation committee. This is a valuable opportunity for the different parties involved to continue perfecting the carbon market, a relatively young market that is still under construction”.

The transformation of the Accreditation Program reflects ICROA’s commitment to help build rigor and integrity in the marketplace by ensuring that offset service providers are applying best practices when using carbon credits as a climate change strategy. 

ICROA’s Enhanced Accreditation Program for carbon offset providers around the world ensures their compliance with the Code of Best Practice through the annual audit cycle. The Code promotes the best use of carbon offsetting within a company’s net zero delivery.  We look forward to working with current and new ICROA accredited organizations to further advance best practice in the voluntary carbon market.” said Andrea Abrahams, CEO of ICROA.

The other members of the Accreditation Committee are:

Jeremy Manion, Managing Director, Carbon Markets, Arbor Day Carbon.

Katerina Kolaciova, Commercial Director, Strive by Vertis

Chetan Aggarwal, Manager – Sustainable Standards and Methodology, South Pole

Ellen Brouwer, Certification Program Manager, Climate Neutral Group

Mathilde Mignot, Group Director – Nature and Technology Based Solutions, EcoAct

Sascha Lafeld, Carbon Manager, ClimatePartner