Article 6 as a trigger for Ocean-Climate Action

An article by Paula Castillo   The ocean and the climate are intrinsically interconnected, forming a symbiotic relationship. The ocean absorbs approximately 30% of the carbon dioxide (CO2) released into the atmosphere by human activities. This process helps regulate the Earth’s…

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New tool announced to generate trust and transparency in carbon projects

A new tool that will provide transparency and confidence to carbon projects was announced at the closing of the Latin American Climate Summit held in Panama, as one of the bets to face the challenges of the Carbon Market in…

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ALLCOT IO joins Climate Collective to use digital technology for more transparent, efficient and integrated carbon sequestration projects

ALLCOT has joined the Climate Collective, a coalition of investors, nonprofits, entrepreneurs and scientists to leverage technology for climate action in ways that are verifiable, transparent, efficient and at scale. The challenges of carbon emission reduction projects There are several…

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