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Successful completion of the course on “Carbon Markets and Sustainable Finance”

The course “Mercados de carbono y finanzas sostenibles” (Carbon Markets and Sustainable Finance), developed in collaboration between CAF (Banco de Desarrollo de América Latina y el Caribe) through the Latin American and Caribbean Carbon Market Initiative, Hernández & Cía, and…

Insights from the West Africa Carbon Market Hub

On September 26th, ALLCOT was present at the opening session of the West Africa Carbon Market Hub, a collaborative event organized by IETA and the West Africa Alliance. Set against the backdrop of Abidjan, Ivory Coast, this event marked a…

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ALLCOT IO and HBAR Foundation Sustainable Impact Fund: A Partnership in Opening the Books on Climate Finance

ALLCOT IO, the digital arm of established carbon management leader ALLCOT, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with HBAR Foundation Sustainable Impact Fund to bring the balance sheet of the planet to the public ledger. The partnership is committed…

ESG in Peril

Article by Enrique Lendo originally published in Reforma News Will corporations save us from the climate crisis? Two years ago, BlackRock´s captain, Larry Fink caught capital markets by surprise with his memorable letter to the CEOs. His message was brief…

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Enhancing transparency and trust: introducing a tool for carbon projects

Carbon Pulse has featured the unveiling of an exceptional tool developed by ALLCOT in collaboration with the voluntary carbon certification standard CERCARBONO. The tool’s purpose is to guarantee project stakeholders, with a particular focus on communities and investors, the proper…

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Alexis Leroy reveals the trends of the Colombian market, in an interview in La República

Alexis L. Leroy, CEO & Founder of ALLCOT, has been interviewed in La República, one of the main economic and financial newspapers in Colombia. In this interview, several topics related to the Colombian market and its growth potential were discussed.

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A new era in climate finance

Until now, securing financing for carbon projects was a challenging task. However, thanks to the carbon project liquidity fund created by Solid World, in partnership with ALLCOT, Vlinder and Mangrove DAO, a new era in climate finance has begun. This…

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ALLCOT accepted as a member of the TNFD – Taskforce on Nature-related financial disclosures

ALLCOT is now one of more than 1,000 institutions from 54 countries working under the leadership of TNFD. Their common goal is to build a framework for financial institutions and companies to make them able to understand how nature affects…

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With ALLCOT’s support, Asobancaria launches a guide for banks to achieve carbon neutrality by 2025

The financial institutions that have signed up to the “Protocolo Verde” (Green Protocol) in Colombia, under the leadership of Asobancaria, set out to achieve carbon neutrality in their direct emissions by the year 2025.  As of today, five banks in…

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We support the Principles of Responsible Banking training pilot in Mexico

Joining forces for an initiative Mexico City hosted the world’s second pilot on bank training in Principles of Responsible Banking (PRB), an initiative of the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI), with the support of Deutsche Gesellschaft für…

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